Who I Am

I am Wrights Creative Services

A professional web and mobile application developer and software engineer

I am passionate in my work and have over 10 years experience in mobile and web application development. I are a firm believer in "you get what you pay for", so I go above and beyond for the projects and clients I work with. I are proficient in iOS and Android development as well as backend sites and services that provide RESTful/JSON data.


What My Clients Think About Me

I've worked with Aaron several times, and each time he has gone above and beyond what was strictly required, helping me to achieve my goals. Highly recommended!

Aaron Price ZeroViews

Was a great dev. Would work with again.

Seth Walker Schlichter Bogard & Denton LLP

Aaron's work and communication is superb. He not only completes the work successfully, but takes extra steps to help troubleshoot and explain the fixes or features that he's implementing.

Aaron Price ZeroViews

Aaron was prompt, professional, and got the job done. A great experience!

Aaron Price ZeroViews

Aaron's help was quick and professional; resolved the issues and completed the work on time/budget. Highly recommended.

Lev. Neymotin SONAD, Inc

Awesome work! Great attention to detail and work ethic!

Brian Norman

Aaron helped us build a walking application on iOS coupled with an Admin dashboard. Aaron is quick to put together a solid project based on the requirements, while also communicating frequently and clearly along the way. He definitely knows what he is doing and I personally plan on working further with Aaron in the future! Thanks!

Jason Schubert Apps That Pay, LLC

Aaron knows what he is doing and was able to complete the task right away for us with no issues and concerns. Would definitely have him work with us again!

Mark Larsen Same Day Pickup App

Highly recommend working with Aaron. He went above and beyond helping us get our app submitted and reviewed a number of times with Apple. I would say the best work and transaction I have experience on Upwork out of the handful of years I have been using this platform.

Brandon Rich CashorTrade.org

Aaron was great to work with. He was always responsive to any of my questions, willing to become integrated with our team and was very helpful during the time we hired him. He was also very willing to communicate with our team and share feedback with all of us which was a crucial part of why we hired him. Unfortunately we had to end the contract after one of our customers ended up decreasing the project work load. That is the only reason why Aaron isn't still working with us and it is no fault of his. I would recommend him and hire him again for future work.

Aric Franzmeier FlipTask

I was using MusicCenter on my iPhone 4 on iOS 5 I love your tweaks! First app going on my 4s is PowerCenter Pro, MusicCenter and Faves :p your stuff rocks!

@3uzzlightweight PowerCenter Pro / MusicCenter User

Thanks for making my iPhone more useful. Keep up the good work.

Enrique Ramirez Mobile Profiles User

I absolutely LOVE FlashCam! This is far superior to the Activator actions I was using before. Great work.

Isaac Halvorson FlashCam User

I'm really impressed with FlashCam, it's probably the best Tweak in Cydia and very useful.

Peter Intini FlashCam User

Mobile Profiles is an incredible application that can generate profiles of system settings.

Broly Mobile Profiles User

All we can think of is that we believe we were meant to meet Aaron. With so many passive or uninterested developers we've come across, it is a breath of fresh air to have someone that is concerned about your success, specifically, and to see the project through. Also, the communication factor has been, and is, an extremely positive attribute in our working relationship.

Our goal was to have the absolute best, smooth, bug-free app we could, and working with Aaron gave us confidence this would happen. Our app is now seeing success, and we're so happy Aaron is apart of that with us.

If your considering Aaron, be confident to move forward. Simply focus on making a brilliant, organized, and unique app and I know Aaron will do his best to see it through for your potential success.

We look forward to a continued relationship with Him and so glad to have met Him! :)

Jeron and Lauren Finely InTouch LLC / Restored 316 Designs / Cuptakesapp.com

If you or someone you know is looking for a highly reliable, affordable and dependable iPhone developer, let me give you the best recommendation right now. After months of searching for a programmer and iPhone developer, I found Aaron C. Wright out of Denver, CO. He has always been quick to respond to every email I send and address any request I throw his way.

Ben Hendrix LifeJive.com

Mobile Profiles is great. I like the app, has been worth the investment.

oates03@bellsouth.net Mobile Profiles User

I cannot say enough about the service and quality of Aaron's work. I contacted him just over a week ago regarding updating my app, Wall About You. Within days, the changes I requested were completed and the app is now live in the App Store and working great! His attention to detail and understanding of what makes an app successful were invaluable and I appreciate the work he did so much. I would recommend him without question!

Amber Graham McKinley Margo, LLC

FlashCam is one of the best ideas I've seen in Cydia!

Steve Trenchard FlashCam User

...has shown clear creative talent, knowledge of the above mentioned areas, and the ability to quickly research and learn whatever new coding was necessary for the task at hand. He is efficient at his work and accomplishes all tasks assigned with proficiency and timeliness.

John Paul Charlton CompuMaster, Inc.

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